How does it Work?

Using QPAY, customers have access to an application wallet to be launched by the team soon and services such as remittances, air-time, bill payments, hotel bookings, game credits, online hauls and online shopping nationwide merchants who accept digital currency.


Download a Wallet

Simple to Use and Convenient to Transact- Implement dealings without the requirement to synchronise with the blockchain and is user-friendly interface.


Safe & Secure

Self-held Private Keys, Improved Safety- Encoded Private Keys will be deposited steadily in expedient’s local sandbox structure. It delivers manifold folder backup options, to avoid loss or robbery of assets.


Buy & Sell

Each user has unique needs, so there is no one size fits all for exchanges. Our Bitcoin exchange reviews detail each exchange's supported countries


Market Tracing and Signals

Worldwide market checking of statistics sponsored by continuous synchronisation with digital market sites. Flexible price ready situations shall never miss out on important market arrangements.

simple to use

Simple to Use and Convenient to Transact

Implement dealings without the requirement to synchronise with the blockchain and is user-friendly interface.


Can be used online or offline

QPAY App can be accessed online and even not connected to the internet, QPAY SMS Operator shall manage transaction of the customers.


About Quantumpay

Quantum Pay is a Decentralized and Computerized Banker Engine who serves as a financial services platform. As a facility successively on blockchain machinery, Quantum Pay uses digital currency as a little charge doorway to investment, lending, funding and banking, spreading the influence of monetary organizations beyond their existing outlet groundwork to the number of people who are unbanked in the world.

This also delivers person-to-person wallet handovers, bill expenditures, portable top- ups, operational shopping, and transfer services. Its currency distribution system shields tens of thousands of banks, pawnshops, fee outlets, and door-to-door delivery through the world. . Using Quantum Pay, clients have contact to an app wallet to be launched by the team and facilities such as payments, air-time, bill payments, hotel bookings, game credits and online shopping at a number of dealers who admit digital currency.

Token Distribution

  • 40% - Selfdrop Donation

  • 20% - Development

  • 15% - Team

  • 20% - Bounty Rewards

  • 5% - Community


Our Team



Paul M.

Team Lead, Solidity Developer


Jasmine M.

Co-team Leader


Amirah angel

Bounty Manager


Anie Agusta

Web Developer


Bianca Ziur

Graphic Designer


A.J Soria

Marketing Assistant


Christian L.

Social Media Manager, Application Developer



Social Media Moderator


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